Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Grotto – A Photographic Journey

You would think that, by the way I have not posted anything all month, I didn’t do much! But it’s been a long and beautiful Indian Summer, for the most part, around here – plus or minus a couple of hours of snow falling! We’ve been visiting neighboring states, a couple of trails, celebrating the fall at Oktoberfest, and packing the garden away for the winter. In a nutshell – we should be ready for what comes next, and we’re totally exhausted. But that’s the topic of another blog.
One of these past weekends, we went for a short hike on the Grotto Trail, on Nebo Loop. About half an hour away from home, it’s not even a mile long, but the beauty of the whole trail will make you stop in breath-halting awe to admire the mountain and the river. So, you might end up spending more time than what a regular 0.3 mi walk would take.

The air was clear and bright and it reminded me of the liquid, honey-like air of the Smokies. It was just a peaceful, gentle autumn day, filled with color, perfect for shooting, walking, picnicking and just … being in a long, restful sigh.

I could not say more than what the pictures say, so I will let them tell the tale. 

All around us, there were mountains of color - the aspen and the maples spotting and accenting the green of the pines.

On the trail - a carpet of dry and swishy leaves. You can sort of "see" the material-ness of the soft, liquid, lazy air. There was no humidity, though!

This guy has become a tradition in our fall pictures. I still can't tell what kind of winter he's telling us about ... hmmm ... 

To get to the grotto, you'll have to cross the river in several spots, on makeshift bridges like these. I was nervous at first, as I muster no balance, but after seeing 3 year olds do it, I gained some courage ... 

It's fall ... For sure: the leaves are giving up. 

 Almost there: last "bridge" before entering the grotto.

The waterfall inside the grotto - so peaceful and serene! 

Standing tall and cold ... 

A closeup of the falls.
A peekaboo view from the mouth of the grotto into the inside of it, with its bleeding waterfall heart.

 From the inside of the grotto out. And somehow, I never get tired of Utah rock!
Towards the end of the day, we found the perfect spot for lunch. 

What this day will probably look like, to our brains, about 100 years from now ...