Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Ever Elusive ...

I am not sure why ... but every time I see a rainbow it just makes my day! It could be the hardest day at work, or - worse - in life ... and it just makes me smile with hope.

There is something about their ephemerality, their immateriality, their magic and elusiveness that fascinates us, I think. So close to us, so visible, and yet ... so impossible to touch. Just like happiness. Fleeting.

I caught a glimpse - literally, as they are so short lived - of one today, and I managed to snap some pictures while rushing home from work, at 70 mph down the highway.

And in just of a bit of irony: who would have thought that the end of one would be smack dab in the middle of a ... WalMart parking lot of all places in the world?!

Apologies for the qualities of the pics (click on picture for more) - as I have said, I was driving very fast, amongst traffic, and had only my little baby Canon on hand ...

Friday, April 01, 2011

Good Morning, Life!

I have never been one to have many regrets. For those who know me, I hope they know that is an understatement. But this gnawing feeling of "missing" or "want" has been bugging me lately. Just mourning over my old life in NC, missing my friends, my foods, my wines, feeling sorry for myself for not being able to sell the old house - and all ...

But then, some mornings, when the clouds don't rest on The Valley, I wake up to this view, out of my back door. Every morning, I wake up next to a man who adores me and makes me so happy. And my face then grows into a smile.

I read the other day that "life is not what is, but how you deal with it". But sometimes, life is really what "is". And mine, right now, is pretty breathless.