Thursday, July 21, 2005

Living with Terror

The recent bombings in London made me once again question my own future: will I one day cease traveling because of all these horrible events? Will I allow terror to make me hide away in the mountains somewhere, nowhere to be found, nowhere to be reached?! I have doubted that for almost 4 years now. I was visiting my family, in Romania when the September 11 happened, and although my heart stopped with the heart of the world at the sight of the terrorist attacks I never wavered: giving up traveling would mean acknowledging "they" won! Giving way to fear would be "they" are stronger, "they" reached their goal: "they" made us afraid. And fear is death. The communists taught us that: fear is death. Spiritual, emotional death. As long as there are planes in the world that fly places, and roads that lead places, I will be in the planes and on the roads: we must go on, and live our lives and if the lives we live involve travel, then that's what we need to be doing. Terror, unfortunately, will be one circumstance, once reality we need to face when we're there in the world: just like bad weather, earthquakes and lack of money, sometimes. Just another hindrance, but by no means a stop. It's an unfortunate reality of the era we live in, and nothing more. Had we been born in the Middle Ages, we had to live with cholera around us, and so on...
We pause, we pray, we think, we feel the pain of the innocent gone, and we move on, towards our destiny. I am a firm believer in fate: if that's the way it's written we would go, than, that's the way we're going, one day, when our time has come, even if we bury ourselves alive in our own basement to hide away from the world.

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