Friday, March 03, 2006

The Taste of a Lonely Friday

You work overtime on a Friday, that’s when you know you have no life! Everyone’s going home, with plans, even the little ol’ lady who lives with her grandma, and you’re stuck at the office, entering data, because you were too busy answering requests all day… And you get an extra one hour of overtime at the office, ON A FRIDAY!!!! – that’s when you know you’re lonely. It can wait till Monday, but… you have nowhere better to go to, so you don’t mind staying over! In the process you run into problems, and you gotta call your co-workers for advice, and they’re out drinking at the bar, giving you instructions on how to fix stuff… They’re at the BAR!!! That’s how you know you’re lost! Un-redeemable!
You drive home and all the cars around you have one person in them. Just the driver. Of course, we ALL drive in America, but it’s Friday night, and people should have dates, family gatherings, birthday celebrations tonight, as a Friday… No, this particular Friday it’s all single person’s cars…And they all look either sad or indifferent. Staring at the road like into the hopelessness of single-hood: empty and bare, and scared; driving along… full of thought… And the music in the cd player even sounds empty, like it’s not playing for me, but just to fill the silence … It’s sad, in a way, too…
And you go shopping alone, and you come home alone, and the pets are so tired and bored, they find their own corner and want not to be touched. They’re lonely, too. It’s a Lonely Friday. Except for the fish! They’re crammed together in this small bowl! They HAVE to be “together”… They “socialize”, ‘cause they have to… Forced by the circumstances, they will NOT feel alone… So, there’s hope!
My dad always said: “Never drink alone. Call your neighbor for a glass of wine, just never drink alone”… Well, I am just doing that. And let me tell you, dad, you were right: a drink doesn’t taste good when you drink alone. It tastes bitter, just like loneliness… That’s what alone is: drinking alone on a Friday… and letting Aerosmith fill the silence. There is no tomorrow. There is only a very empty and lonely Friday Now…
And the cd is playing: “and we’re saying a prayer for the desperate hearts tonight”. I hope they are. I know that the desperate hearts need it. :-)

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