Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The rest is silence

As you could probably see for yourselves, I have been reduced to silence lately. Just complete silence, almost, save for little remarks in e-mails here and there.
The world, life, pain, wait, much, much pain … has rendered me mute. I am in awe at how much the human body can handle, and how much more yet the human mind does, too. I feel we are endless rubber bands at times, and we can stretch to the infinite and never break. The faith and the hope in us keep us from breaking, and give us, it seems, eternal elasticity and strength… And life in general will try to stretch us even longer, further, slimmer … But we’re not giving up. All this has had me silent …
What can I say in the face of all this might? And miracle? Anything would be trivial and trifle-like. So silence has proven golden for me, here of late. Me! The ever talkative, never at a loss for words me … has finally shut up! Is this silent death? Or just plain coming of age and wisdom?! I suppose time will decide .
I will make note of this though: I have had a date with my soul in this whole (quiet) time, and my soul says … it needs to be taken to private dates on a regular basis. Whether it is a yoga class, a silent retreat for a couple of hours in a library, or a walk in the park, or even a (you guessed it: a quiet) hike, my soul needs it, and needs it regularly… So, my next project is setting up those dates … In case you were wondering about my life lately, that is the gist of it. And the rest … is silence.

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Kehaar said...

Have fun on your soul dates! I wish I could be there to bring you out of those silent times and into the crowd. Come visit any time!