Wednesday, April 18, 2007

It's Sad

Disclaimer: I love America and everything it stands for, especially Freedom. And I realize that there is no room for a "but... " here, and yet... I wanted to say: wouldn't you think someone, somewhere, out there, or UP there ... would make tougher laws and put more restrictions on who gets to own a gun?! Not just for MY own safety and not to be discriminatory, but for the safety of the, well... majority of this country. When the minority of one person kills the majority of 32 ... I think we need to rethink our system. Don't you?? One piece of advice: listen to that Creative Writing professor with a British accent had to say about the killer. I really think that a system as great as ours should have done more to stop such a sick mind from having access to the easiest mass killing devices there are!
The fact that anyone can buy guns, REAL guns, at WalMart right across the aisle from the ... toy department ... is not only beyond disturbing: it is also doing nothing but encouraging an already flawed law... And it's sad. For the sake of the bright and innocent and the peaceful and the free... it is sad.

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Candy said...

You are right. The system has failed. No one is safe anymore. It is sad. All you can do is love one another and treat each day like it may be your last. Let family and friends know that you love them and don't leave things unsaid.