Tuesday, August 14, 2007

How weird are we, really??

You know… one must meet and know one to know their funny habits and laugh at their own contradictions! We never realize how “funny” (as in “different” and “odd”, not as in “ha-ha”) we are in our own behaviors and “typics” and how “set” we are, until we meet someone else and compare. Asking them about “theirs” is like holding a mirror in front of ourselves and seeing us for what/ who we are…
Do we ever touch our noses? Do we pick them? Do we think that’s OK? They’re “ours”, after all, and we “touch” other much “grosser” parts of our bodies, right?!
Do we use toothpicks or floss?
Garlic breath –ok?! A turnoff?!
Do we drink coffee in the morning? Can we stand the sugar? What about the milk? Half
’n’half? What’s pretentious? And what’s the norm? To whom?
Do we read fiction or non? Does it matter, as long as we’re readers?
Chewing gum or mints after dinner? What flavor?
Do we like comforters or blankets? Cold or hot in the room when we sleep?
Do we like paper towels or Clorox wipes? What’s the difference? Does it matter?
Would we be willing to give these up? At what cost? Why not?!
It’s amazing what I find out every day that is part of “me”… I have always thought I am pretty flexible. My motto, always: “you don’t bend, you break”… And it’s funny to find out that little things which build up our (MY) “routine” are important, nevertheless, just for my immediate comfort! Well, not set in stone, but that they would bother me in the least should I ever be asked to knock them out!
This brings me back a million moons ago, when someone asked me to get used with used, wet towels on the floor of the bathroom every morning. I divorced him! Well, he divorced me, after way too many fights over the wet towels.
And this bears the question: how annoying are we really to others? How weird do we appear? And do we care?! When we do see someone with opposite quirks than ours, do we classify them as “weird” or try to understand where they’re coming from? How bendable are WE, after all?!
And these are just the really “non”- important things in life, one might argue, and I am sure one does argue! Values, political views, life/death matters, families are a different story!
Oh, I love humankind! We never cease to entertain our own selves. Ever! And we never cease to trip on the ... smallish speedbumps, just in the desperate hope that we remain "true to ourselves". But are we, really?!

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