Thursday, August 07, 2008

Being Scarlett

When I was in maybe 8th grade, which is a long, long time ago, I read Gone with the Wind.
Up to that point my parents were short of killing me or exchanging me for a stray kid (in Romania we have those!!) because I hated to read. Well, that book cured me from that hatred. And gave me a role model for the rest of my life. Pretty much.

I know it sounds corny. And I know it sounds a little girlie and childish, but Scarlett O'Hara has been my role model since 8th grade. I was in love with the woman. I was ready to imitate and incorporate every single eye lash batting and cutesy frown to get my way. I practiced for months, years maybe, how to raise just one eyebrow to let people know I am mad, or I am not getting my way. And more than anything, I have always, consciously or not, been chasing the men I cannot have!

Since that book, I have always dreamed to live in the American South ( I was in Romania when I read it, and knew no one that lived anywhere near America), to seem ever so weak and feeble but but be a tower of strength and power. And if you look back at my life, you can see some resemblance...No, I don't have her money and wealth or entrepreneurial sense, but I have her determination and I follow my dream to completion, that's for darn sure.

Lately, I have thought a lot about Scarlett. Lately, things have become too overwhelming indeed. A family trip with all the emotion packed up; tons of friends you cannot always please; a questionable and very stressful job that you cannot control; health issues you'd rather do without, but can "they" (the health issues) do without you is the question?! And so forth...

True to my Scarlett self, I have pushed through it all, stubbornly, and frowned and raised an eyebrow. And I am still here, weathering the storms of this year. I can't say I have accomplished much so far this year, but I can say I feel strong. And for the storms I cannot overcome, I can say I shoo them away with a shrug, just to keep my sanity, and tell them all to wait till tomorrow and maybe I'll have time then for them.

Even great Scarlett could not solve all the dramas in her life in one day, or several; and her famous last line has been my best friend lately. Most of the things around me, that lately have caused pain, or insecurity have been put off with a shrug till "tomorrow".

I cannot worry about all of them anymore. I know there is a job waiting for me tomorrow. And a home. And somewhere, spread all over the world a loving family, despite all the steam we put out when we meet. For now, I know I am safe. Surely, all of it seems shaky: the economy, and paper business and thus my livelihood can be gone tomorrow, but what's the point in worrying?! No one seems to be hiring now anyway. No one seems to be hiring what I can offer, that is... And the friends will be friends, or if they're lost, they're not worth keeping, right?? So, why worry there?! And you cannot make family mad enough, because they're always there. That's a given. So, for all the things that do worry me, or do make me mad, I'll put it off to worry about it tomorrow.

It's a temporary peace - I know. But it's sooo sweet! And "after all, tomorrow is another day", isn't it?!?

It makes for a peaceful rest of the summer, I tell you!

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Kehaar said...

Come see me! My friends ask about you. C (Angry Italian) asked you to come for Labor Day plans. B (Young Asian Lad) asked about you the other day... :)