Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Week in Review

"Science and art have that in common that everyday things seem to them new and attractive.” (Nietzsche)

Not much to tell this week, so I thought I’d just sum up all the things I have discovered, or have come across with , or some of the older things, that have been on my mind this week, as well.

Sometimes I really feel out of place for not being more “in tune” with what’s on the radio, or the TV, but as soon as I turn one on to “catch up”, I am cured! Sure, I might be stuck in the 60’s for music, or 90’s for TV shows, but my God, some of the non-talent and non-value that’s out there is scary. I know Bob Dylan cannot sing, but his lyrics will tell you more (once you learn to decipher them from the mumbling) than “I want a credit card with no limit” and “You change your mind like a girl changes clothes” – as the songs of today that I have heard on the radio the other day. Just a tad more, I think! So sad for the kids of today: if these are their role models, where is the world going to? Have you seen “Idiocracy”, the movie?! Yeah!

On TV, I also hate the news, especially on “all news channels” like CNN. It’s not about reporting the news, it’s about speculating about the news. It’s about having so-called “experts” on all things politics, and terrorism, and economy, and life to tell you “what would happen IF this and that align”. It’s never about sensational news. It’s always about sensational gossip anymore.

I have asked around. For years now. And everyone I have asked is absolutely fed up and against the electoral vote. So, why not a referendum? Is it so hard for a democracy to think this up?! I know no one that agrees with the system. I am sure there are people out there (they must be) who like the electoral vote over the popular one, but I have not met them. So, why note let “The People” decide?! And if the referendum says we need to stay with the electoral votes, can we give Texas like minus ten electoral votes?! And Mississippi, too?? To just sorta match the count of votes with the general IQ of the population of that state. Just a thought!

Why does Sam’s Club take a credit card of pretty much any kind at their gas station, but no credit card other than Discover ( I think ) inside their store?!

This week, I have also lost, at least physically (I hope only that way!) a dear friend to Utah! I hope he’s happy and I wish him well, but I know I’ll miss our weekend sleep overs and get togethers. Sure, more excuses for me now to visit The Rockies, which is one of my favorite places in the world, but … in this economy is not an easily doable task.. I wish him happy trails, lots of fires, and dry summers!

I have also gone through an U2 phase later this week. Sure, just their 90’s and 2000’s years, but still. I love Bono, and I recommend that anyone who does should read his biography, Bono, by Michka Assayas. A real character builder.

I have also watched a great movie this week, recommended by my said Utah-bound buddy. It’s called Starting Out in the Evening. It’s an independently made film, presented at Sundance, but Blockbuster rents it. As a writer, I appreciated a lot of the insights on the writer’s life, and the critics’ and readers’ ones, as well. I was reminded that there are as many Shakespeares out there as are readers of Shakespeare, so you should hardly ever worry about how your message is received. If you feel you have a voice, and something, no matter how obscure, wants to get out of you, and finds you as the channel, let it go. Just like advice, writing should be given up completely, with no further attachment. Give it – and let it go. It will speak to different people in their own different language of understanding. And that’s OK.

In the movie, I was also reminded that time flies and before you know it, you’re at the end of your road, and you might not have gotten the chance to speak your whole piece. So, waste no minute.

Also, in this movie I was reminded why I have no interest in guys my age, and why I have not had a good date in over a year. One of the characters says : “I am not interested in guys my age. They are like bubble gum: ten minutes of flavor followed by bland repetition”. Amen to that! I guess I just need to be patient and grow up (eye roll!) till 40 some year olds find me interesting. Or 50 year olds …

I was also happy that we were snowed in at least for half of the day on Inauguration Day, and I got to watch it live, this week. And I don’t want to get into details, but I was really moved that my dad sent me on a hunt for all the major newspapers and magazines that had Inauguration coverage in the front cover (which one didn’t, right??). He wants to collect all of them! I won’t say more, but just know that I have lived almost 34 years, meaning all my life, for this moment.

This week, I have also spent WAY too much time on Facebook! Will fix that soon!

My absolute favorite book title for the week, after book browsing for hours in the store: “Life’s a Bitch and Then You Change Careers”.. So appropriate. Some other time in my life I would have said : “This got published????” – Not this week! This week, it sounded like “home”.

My absolute favorite chapter in a book, after browsing: I am looking through a book about “home herbal remedies” you can do on your own, at home, without a doctor’s diagnosis or approval: there are herbal remedies there for all diseases in the world, including … hypochondria! You gotta eat vanilla beans or eat a lot of cherries to cure that. My question is: how do you know you’ve got that?! Who admits to it?!

A happy new week, all!

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