Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Year. Old Self.

“Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.” (Buddha)

You’ve got to at least notice all the books in the bookstore at the beginning of a new year! “New Year – new you” in pretty much every single field: diet, family, relationships, cooking, travel, etc… The new year, and the new books, it seems, want to reinvent you in every way possible: you have to learn to re-evaluate everything and then some about who you are to find out who you want to be.

But what if you don’t feel like you need to be reinvented? What if you like the same old you and you just want to stick with it? Will that burst the bubble of the marketing industry? Maybe. But that’s not all that important, is it? Or is it?

Do we want to be trendy and in line with the “next new thing” this year? Or do we want to stick to our values and perfect them – same old ones, new year? Are we really obsolete and way off stream if we’re not buying into the “new year – new resolution” kinda deal?? Probably. But do we care?

I am definitely planning a new year, in every sense of the word: new job (hopefully), new family (definitely), new marital status, new state, new time zone, new climate, new style of cooking, paying bills, sharing time, bed space, bathroom space, you name it … but do I really need a book to tell me how to handle all that?! If anything, I just need to dig deeper inside of me and see what’s there, insure it is strong, and that it will carry me through whatever changes I have coming my way …

I guess my approach to the new is a bit different … building from within and finding the

ground there that will carry me through what lies ahead …After all, if I didn’t think I already got all the guns, I would not even entertain the idea of the war, would I?!

I love books – don’t get me wrong. But now, more than ever, what I crave more is just finding a quiet moment to just listen to my heart! To hear it tell me what it learned from years passed, and how it’s prepared for what it is to come.

Now more than ever, I am self centered, and self conscious. And I believe I should be just that. I am relying on my good old heart to be my strong core to carry me through what’s ahead. And hoping that looking within will provide more advice than any of the Barnes and Noble book collections out on display as New Beginnings teasers this time of year. After all, a dear friend of mine used to say: “always, always go with your heart! That will insure you the least regrets!”

So, book-learned or not, my heart will have to do the trick!

And as I have said before on the verge of a new, daunting beginning, in my life: “I am scared. But I like it”. So, 2010, I am ready! I hope you are ready for me. I come with no books. And no formal learning. Just with an open heart. An open heart that I allow 2010 to fill with whatever it’s got. Cannot wait!

Happy New Year, all! And before you buy, just listen to what you’ve got already: I am sure you’ll find one or two answers in there. Really! And save a couple of pennies!

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