Wednesday, August 25, 2010

When the Earth Breathes – A Full Moon Ride

“This is the place where it all started.” (Robert Redford)

There are many, way too many, my memories of growing up in the mountains … There is a whole lifetime buried in their rocky peaks and grassy sides. There are land chores, and foods, and cyclical seasons and many a people that could tell the story of a girl growing up by city life the rest of the year, and by mountain sides in the summers. It’s who I was then – just a mountain girl, “part time”. Nowadays, I might become “full time”.

Today, that I live in the mountains, and an ocean, two continents and several thousands of miles away from my original ones, I never cease to be amazed at how much I find, again, right here, in my new home of what I have learned way back when in my childhood about living in paradise.

The air smells familiar, the people walk just as slow as then, and the time seems to have stopped for a bit, to savor in the sights. There are many favorite times of day and of night and of seasons to me, in the mountains, but if one time stands out, that is the very short pause between when the sun goes to bed and the moon rises.

Back in the day of my childhood, that’s when things, and our lives got a chance to slow down. And breathe. Along with the tired earth, everything quieted down and relaxed for the day. You could almost hear the grass sigh. The cows sighed the loudest, as they laid down in the stables. And the chickens were quiet, for once! There was nothing, almost, moving, not even the pine needles in the trees. Nothing speaking but the crickets and the occasional frog.

Once the sun sets, the air gets crisp and fresh. You breathe in and you breathe pure health. None of the day’s heat and exhaustion is left. Only peace, restful and refreshing.

This moment, between day and pure night is one of those few times when I can almost see heaven!

Last night, Aa. and I went to Sundance, the place “where everything started”, and all these amazing sensations and peaceful feelings were there, as we took a lift ride under the full moon.

Everything was perfect after that ride – as everything looks more beautiful and more tender in the soothing light of the moon. The mountains were once again protecting us, and the sky was a cool, clear blanket over our worries, massaging our temples with clean air of wellness …

I left all the drain of a day and the load of a stressful life lately into those peaks. They all seeped through the tall branches of the pine and aspen trees, and returned to the earth, where they belonged. And as the good mother that it is, the earth exhaled once more, and said warmly and familiarly: “you’re welcome”.

Felt so good that after all this searching I could return home once again … *sigh*.

That very moment of "crossover" between day and night: can you hear the silence?!
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