Monday, February 21, 2011

Visiting the Neighbors

On a day like today, I remember my dad saying: "Damn, America is beautiful!". And he is not known for positivity, nor being too generous with compliments!

It was a cold day today. Maybe it got up to low 40's, but out there, on The (Utah) Lake, it felt like low 30's. It was a bright day, one of those many days in Utah where you cannot tell whether your eyes are going bad or the sun is really too brutal for them.

On such a day, I saw a glimpse of a promise of another year of great outdoors shooting in this beautiful back yard of ours that we call our state. We didn't go far. Maybe 20 miles from our house, maybe less. But there was breathtaking beauty everywhere.

I'll let our pictures tell you the story of a gorgeous late winter-early spring day. Many thanks to my husband, Aa., for his contributions to this album.


Utah Lake was half frozen and dead and half alive with calm, fresh waters, under a clear blue sky, with just enough clouds to make it interesting:

Not many people at the lake today, but some footprints on its frozen part of it gave them away:

Some of the feathered creatures were out, and they were very happy for the sun:

On our way back home, we took some farm pictures - we wake up with this under our bedroom window, every morning. Yep, we made it out West, undoubtedly:

(I love this red tractor! It looks beautiful in any season, against the mountains ...)

What can spell "Utah" more clearly, other than mountains, cowboys riding, seagulls and prairie grass?!

Click on this last picture, to see the whole day.


Hana Carlton said...

oh that is so very calming... especially the ones with lake
I hope you DO make living from your pictures already, everybody would want those!

A. Wilson said...

Thanks, Hana! And - I don't, in fact, sell them ... but thank you MUCH for thinking they are THAT good! :-)