Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Milestones, New Things and Everything in Between - My Recent Life In Pictures

Never too tired for words, but I do this every once in a while - I let the images speak for themselves and account for me. 

Some of the things that took my breath away or made me stop and think for a bit, lately: 

Reaching this elevation, with still a (literally) broken heart, and living to tell the tale. Really grateful to my doctors and to God for this milestone, as I am for every day.

First camping trip this year. There is nothing more peaceful to me than looking at mountains over an open fire and smelling the pines.  

A first ever for me: camping and painting. Loved it and hoping for much more of these cozy days.

I hate dandelions in my yard, but I love them "in the wild". The mountains are just now starting to breathe life.

The aspen are awake, too, up there on the peaks.  

First harvest from the yard.

Another milestone: my first ever US passport expired this month. This means I have been a citizen for 10 years. How time flies! 

My favorite food find was on my own grill so far, this year: tuna steaks, marinated for a day and a little bit beforehand. So delicious and way too filling. 

Parade of Homes is on, our favorite yearly tradition. A candle poured in a wood block really stayed with me.

Second harvest from our yard. So deliciously sweet.   

I relate deeply with lotus flowers. I finally made time to paint this, this month. 

I usually never say "never", but in this case I mean it: I can never get enough of these mountains.   

A sign in one of the Parade of Homes houses. I try to live by it.

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