Saturday, February 04, 2006

Drama Queen?!!

I have been called many (oh, Gosh, SO many !!) things in my life, but “drama queen” is not one of them… So, my latest MySpace “friend” (you know, this site debases the meaning of that word so much, it should almost be illegal!) that has been “chatting” with me through e-mails and yahoo chatter thing calls me the ultimate drama queen… Why, I am not sure, but then again, he accuses me, also, of asking too many why?’s… Let’s see why he calls me a drama queen, first:
- about 75% of the conversations he starts are of sexual nature; now, don’t get me wrong, I am not a prude, and not shy when it comes to sex, and have been starving for it for some time now . I’m European, after all, and very open minded, in general, and that happens to be one of my favorite topics, too, … but it’s a bit odd to talk about oral sex, and how much I enjoy it (or not), and the size and the shape of the said “friend”’s penis, with someone who is a complete stranger, still…; if I ask to veer the conversation towards more general topics, like my life, and his life, I am a “drama queen”, because I want him to “know everything about me in one conversation, and not allowing him to discover that little by little”… yeah, go figure;
- he decides to come with me to a movie I have planned to go to alone, and after talking for an hour over the phone, he changes his mind, and he says he’s not sure about the movie, he will get back with me tomorrow, to tell me for sure; when “tomorrow” comes, and I wait to see what happens (although not very hopeful) , he says sorry, can’t come (after self-inviting himself in the first place, and being shocked that I would even consider going to a movie on my own, on a “date night” like Friday!!) to the movie; he says though, he misses my voice, so please call later; I say: well, you call me(and I infer, stupid me, “if YOU miss me, then freaking YOU call!) … when he doesn’t call, and I ask casually why he didn’t call, since he missed MY voice … I am a drama queen! Mind you I did NOT miss HIS voice, and I did NOT invite him to the movie he DID not come to! But when I ask why … I am a drama queen!
- we talk for almost a week and set up this “drink meet” thing ( I refuse to call the first MySpace meets, a “date”!!), and about … hhmm… 4 hours before we’re ready to finally meet face to face, he says sorry, he can’t make it to our “drink meet” thing, because, you see, he has this “obligation” towards his MOTHER that he (conveniently?!) forgot about; when I finally say: screw it, the guy is sooo not serious and wants to play games, and I share that with him, in an effort to remain honest (as I always am) …you guessed it: I am once more “a drama queen”… :-)And...and...get this: when I am doubtful about our "relationship" and seriousness of it, I am accused also of "feeling sorry for myself"...
OK… All I have to say to that, I guess, is: no comment… but at the same time: get a life, boy! If you think I feel sorry for myself because you keep pooping on your own word, you got a lot to learn about a woman: first, that they have way more self esteem than YOU!
I am still amazed at how childish and naïve and immature 30 year olds are in this country! They are out to party, play and be played, not having any “weight” about their lives and time at all … Their word means nothing, most of the time, and they are not only fine with that; they are proud of it, because you see girls are “such drama queens and boys are so simple and easy”! Sure, I’d say: boys wanna screw or cheat or score, or not be serious, of course, they are “simple and easy”… You hardly need a brain for THAT! I believe this culture of "there are other fish in the sea" is part of the problem: why would one "give a fiddler's fart" about their word, since the "sea is full of fish" and we can all start over again with just about anyone who's able and willing?! There is no seriousness about relationships around this place, and that's a fact!
When I tell people I want to meet 40 year olds I am laughed at, but I am least hoping that skipping a generation in my dating preferences can only be a good thing!
The one thing that strikes me to this day abut this culture (America) is … the naivety of all the people, the way they refuse to grow up! I went to class with people over 60 at some point, and only then I felt at home.
So, does that mean I am doomed to be alone till I am 60?! We can only hope not!

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