Sunday, January 29, 2006

Things you miss…

… when just becoming single, there are certain things you do enjoy, like the lack of commitments and such, to family and friends, the lack of having to give an explanation for your whereabouts. The money you save in outings and family birthdays… But there are certain things I miss, too; here are some of them:
- a shopping partner, at Walmart, especially
- a TV watching partner
- a movie going partner
- a weekend getaway partner
- a long, far away trip buddy
- a drink partner for after work
- a sushi partner
- an open and honest chit-chat at the end of the day
- shop talk
- an occasional lunch buddy
- a “bitching about your family” - talk partner
- I have to pop my own toes now
- hearing “ I love you” every night before I go to sleep
- weird… I didn’t say love…or the three letter “S” word! I do miss that, too, …I guess …
But I try to move along, and live every minute just for the fullness of it, and not expect much! It’s not easy. But do I miss all these? Or do I miss the person?? Tough call! Yes, I undoubtedly miss all these… Could any other person do these things? I can only hope there is at least one out there who will be able to, one day!

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