Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Some mundane thoughts about the "NOW"

“To take for permanent that which is only transitory is the delusion of a madman”.
(Kalu Rinpoche)
PS: once you SEE this, it all becomes simple!

Just remember that all we have is the ‘right now’. There is no ‘next minute’, and no ‘tomorrow’. No ‘two hours from now’ and no ‘a year from now’. That’s all we’re sure of, and all we’re 'given'! All we’re ever allowed to take for granted – and that should be a responsible choice, too (the taking for granted, that is)! There is the ever present, ever demanding now, waiting to be filled.
And demanding it is: like a hungry mouth, screaming at you, asking to be fed. What is it going to be tonight? A mouthful of joy? Or luke-warm happenings? Or a mouthful of sadness? Or simple truth? Your choice, most of the times! A mouthful of smiles and peace, maybe?! Who knows?!
Yeah, some things are external, they come from outside of us, but what’s INSIDE of us, our response to all of them, is ours, and it’s solely our choice. Just make sure, whatever it is, you’re not waking up tomorrow with regrets! Those are for the weak! Who needs them?! You did it! It’s done! Tomorrow is another chance to screw it up, or make it big. But you can’t go revisit what you did … right now… So be careful! And loving, and kind! And the life will flow smoothly if you remember some of these simple and yet hard to figure out things: gentle, kind, loving – towards yourself mostly.
And just always remember: you only have the ‘now’. If you have plans, make them happen, and start them RIGHT THIS SECOND. There is no certainty about the next minute. Unfortunately, life doesn’t come … with a “lifetime warranty”. I know: that’s ironic. But isn’t life always?!

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