Thursday, July 03, 2008

Why I Prefer Cats to Humans

I got maced! Yes, for the first time ever. No, I am not kidding and no, I was not in the wrong spot at the wrong time, doing the wrong thing, as you would expect. Or was I?!

I was in fact enjoying a beautiful evening with my aunt and a couple of friends on the patio of Cafe Europa when all of sudden and completely out of nowhere, this misty cloud came over all of us on the patio and choked us to tears! Before it happened, we didn't hear anything. Didn't see anything. It seemed to have come from the street, as the people most affected were sitting at the tables closest to it. But there was no smoke, no exhaustion running. It was just a mysterious "puff" that pretty much choked us.

We never really confirmed that it was pepper spray, as most of us looked like the laid back, non-aggressive types that would not mess with such dangerous things on a boring Sunday afternoon, but after a quick poll of the crowd and after gagging and choking, and the painful burning sensation of all our air passages, we agreed it could be nothing else.

I am not sure if you've ever experienced pepper spray, but it hurts! It stings like a poison! Your tongue gets all heavy and stings, your throat gets dry and also stings. Your eyes tear out of control, and the air you breathe is like burning fire going through your nostrils! It's horrible. You get light headed and you cannot breathe. The air becomes your worse enemy. I'll have to say: this stuff is effective when you want to incapacitate someone, but I would not spray it for fun.
It was also strange to see 20+ people gagging and choking and looking helplessly around for some answers. What needed to be a fun-filled evening and gathering turned fast in a desperate cry for help and gasping for air. It was eerie. Was this really happening?!

Now, that the pain is gone, and the dryness in my throat somewhat cured, I cannot help but wonder who in the world, would do such a thing and why in the world would they ?!? Is this town so boring that people need to come up with such cruel plans to entertain themselves?! Would it be better to move to a more happening town if you're THAT bored?! Is cruelty that rampant in our society? Why?! Whatever the reason, it was disappointing for the humankind, as far as I'm concerned.

I have lived here for close to 10 years, and Greensboro has always been a low key, friendly town. Downtown at midnight can be shady, but not at 8.30 PM on a summer night, the night before Fun Fourth kicks off and all people inundate it. No way. Definitely not at Cafe Europa, for sure!! It's a fine establishment, in Greensboro's Cultural Arts Center - a place that you would think is earthy enough and peace-loving enough to keep such gratuitously violent people at bay ...

I have no idea who or why this happened, but it surely screwed up a beautiful night ... And you know I always welcome new and strange experiences, but I'd have to say: pepper spray is one I would gladly pass!

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