Thursday, July 09, 2009

Japanese House – Redeemed

There used to be a time in my life when I swore I would never set foot inside of Kabuto, the Japanese Steakhouse on Stanley Road, in Greensboro. That was a time when some friends and I went there for the steakhouse (you know … when the foreign cook fries rice and other goodies in front of you), then we lingered on at the table, for a chat with our ice cream, and the hostess pretty much threw us out, on the excuse that the wait is somewhere North of 2 hours for those tables!

You can’t blame me for not wanting to honor them again with my presence …. But … times have changed. I have been absent from the joint for 4+ years now, and tonight was my first time back.

But not my last. What brought me in will likely bring me back: you can get a select number of sushi rolls at half price (several times a week, per their website), and even half priced wine on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Now, I am not sure if you’re a sushi fan, but a relatively fancy sushi roll (up to 8 pieces) for around $4 is definitely a great bargain!

I was pleasantly surprised that although they have just a selection of 10 or so items you can get for half the price, the choices are varied, and very elaborate. These are gourmet style rolls, not just fish and rice rolled in a dried piece of nori. The sushi chef is definitely not the plain cook I used to remember when the place first opened as a sushi bar, also. They are taking some chances with creativity, and they are ending up with some pretty interesting creations!

The portions are generous even for the big eaters, and just keep in mind: rice always expands! And they have interesting mixes of crunchies, ponzu sauce with various kinds of fish, and shrimp and eel sauce, too - all mixed into the same roll … Sure, more of a fusion style sushi, rather than the plain Japanese versions, but very, very interesting, and delicious! Very well done.

And no one kicked us out tonight. Actually the service was very attentive and friendly. Or maybe it’s because sushi is still less popular than fried goodies. Hhmm… Whatever they reason, I predict we will be back. This time is different. A place that sells good AND inexpensive sushi is not to be dodged. Not in my book, anyway.

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TonyaB122 said...

Agreed! I'm ready for a return trip!