Sunday, May 09, 2010

Going West #2

May 9, 2010 – Limon, CO

All right. All this driving is getting to us! No, not like you might expect, we’re still friends! We still very much love each other and love being together – after all, we never lived in the same city before, so this is a great gift to be able to spent this much time with each other! But we’re being extra, super duper silly! We’re laughing out of anything, and we just create our own jokes, because, well, no matter how wonderful this land of ours is, after 1100+ miles of driving, one is bored!

We’ve driven on today, from Missouri through the big, great (and trust me, it is great!) state of Kansas onto Colorado. Missouri was more of the same flatness mixed in with green from yesterday’s trip through Indiana and Illinois. Kansas City had a beautiful skyline. We found out only tonight that Kansas City, MO is called “The City of Fountains” because, with over 200 fountains, it is second in the world to have the most fountains – second only to Rome!

It’s set, as most Midwestern states, on a big river – this time, at the confluence of the Kansas and Missouri rivers. Again, beautiful, very well built, massive and majestic bridges.

Kansas City, KS, was the city next door to Kansas City, MO – it felt like the same city, cut in two by a street appropriately named “State Line Road”. But, according to the online Wiki, it’s not the same city – they are adjacent cities, and evidently, in separate states.

After that, on we drove towards the heart of Dorothy’s State. It is every bit they tell you it is: flat and as long as you can see there is nothing but farmland! There are some homes, and some gas stations, every 40 miles or so, let’s say … but for the most part, you see nothing but sky and land. It made me think of The Florida Keys, with the only difference, of course, being that instead of miles and miles of water, you see miles and miles of land here!

Topeka was the only other “big” settling on the way, set on the Kansas River. It seemed as if it is a small city – we passed it on the highway in no time.

After that, it was lunch in Junction City, KS. Just a handful of fast food places, hotels and few homes, to offer a stop to truckers, really.

And then, there was nothing. They told you the world is round! They lied! You go to Kansas and you see for yourself. Flat as the back of my hand, I tell you! So flat, and so many miles through it, we almost lost it. The unusual findings continued. Some exits told you what settling there is but then mentioned “No Services” at the bottom. So, why take the exit?!

Everything seemed very uneventful; it made me wonder what people living in the few farms we saw, or people who are manning the oil pumps and the windmills will tell you. What are their stories, here? Other than rattle snakes, coyotes and tornadoes? What else is out here? Of course there is, I am sure, a whole world – but not much is visible to the traveler from the speed of the car.

We drove through Russell, KS – the birthplace of Bob Dole. We drove past some Prairie and Pioneer museums and monuments, but not much else.

One exit boasted “Point of Interest. Next right”. We laughed hysterically! ‘Point of interest’?? They could not quite name it?! What was it? Then, we saw this building which looked like a lighthouse (I am telling you, it was not Fata Morgana or anything!), and it had a sign up front saying “ See 6 states”. I guess that was “the point of interest”?

We even saw wineries on the road! Wineries! Even The Oz Winery. A winery Outlet, even. Kind of puzzling.

We rushed like bats out of hell (this time, almost a literal “hell”) through Kansas today, considering the tornadoes they have in the forecast starting tomorrow. We got to Colorado, which is typically outside of the “tornado alley”.

The most incredible feeling though was when we saw signs for 5000+ feet elevation! We could not see the elevation! We could “feel” it in the popping of the ears, but no mountains or hills were in sight.

Towards the end of today’s trip, right outside of our Quality Inn in Limon, CO, I saw the mountains, peeking way in the distance! I almost cried with excitement! We’re not far! About 600 more miles and we’re home. Although everything is very interesting and very different, and eye opening, I am looking forward to home. And I am sure the cats are too, although, I am speechlessly proud of them! They are wonderful! They’ve gotten into their routine and they are just easy!

One more day! And the big adventure is behind us. Thanks, to all, for “being” with us. Even in spirit! We miss you!

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