Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Topsy-turvy World

“The great affair is to move.” (R.L. Stevenson)

So, the real countdown to the “big move” has started. It takes people years to scout a new place to move to, especially across the continent, and it took me a whole … 5 months to do it! Like always, no time to waste. Always on the move. Life’s too short … You know me by now!

In the next week or several weeks, the postings will be few, and the topics will be different (I hope) than before. A whole new wide world is opening to me by getting ready to make the trip to Utah.

A sad "good bye" to Greensboro - Hams on Friendly Ave. has closed.

I am excited, and worried, and livid, and so happy that I am able to do this. I have wanted all my life to live in very different places, to experience various landscapes and weather(s) and to be on the move, but at the same time to have a nice home base to go to. I have always wanted to live in The South, and in the desert, as well. I have always wanted to make the trip across The Great Plains, just like The Pioneers. I am so eternally grateful to all of the people and situations in my life that have made all those dreams come true.

Fero is ready to pack, or so he says

Since the wedding, I have been busy packing and finishing off ties to North Carolina. I am still to call the phone company and the cable company to cancel accounts, still to take the car into the service station, but there is no time. Packing has taken me most of the waking time.

Our new living quarters: since I gave my bed away to The Barnabas Network, we've been setting camp in the living room at night. Gypsy's not too sure about the idea.

Since I am swamped, most of the postings will be of pictures, and I hope they’ll tell you the story when I am too tired or too busy to write.

I collect mugs from every place I visit. You think it's all a cool idea till you have to move yet again and have to pack each one. This shot has made me rethink my collecting habits - maybe collecting spoons or stamps from here on out.

I want to say “I’ll miss you when I go”, but I won’t, because I hope to take you with me.

So, come along, and hang on tight!

Fero says: "Wake me up when it's all over, all right?!" Smart cat!

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