Tuesday, June 15, 2010

... And Now, with Pictures

Last week, I was talking about the love and the hatred, and the hardships of trying to get our yard cleaned up from all the construction debris and human carelessness. This week, my great husband was kind enough to break his own back and pick up all the junk I had stored at various ends of the yard. He then loaded it in the “Hemi”, aka our (to me, very large) Dodge truck. Now, we’re both in pain!

Here you can see a picture he took of all the rock I pulled out of the yard (the trash went in a different can), along with the mower that died trying to cut through it.

One good thing out of this though (along with hopefully having a clean yard) is that should I ever get dragged in community service to dig ditches in Utah, I’ve got the digging through this rocky soil down pat!

The evidence ...

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