Saturday, August 24, 2013

It’s Summer. Still.

And the livin' is easy
Fish are jumpin'
And the cotton is high (…)”

I don’t have kids, so, no, to me, it’s so not “back to school” time. I am also deaf and blind to all the commercials, ads and store displays that announce fall, and harvest and, oh, Gosh, Christmas!

I am stubbornly and annoyingly saying to myself and to the whole wide world: it is summer, still!

The mountains around us  - on Hidden Peak near Snowbird resort. But see: no snow! Just beautiful skies and greenery!  

I am still wearing tanks and sandals, and my toes are still painted.

I am watering my yard, still, almost every night, so that my veggies, trees and potted flowers won’t die in the unforgiving, desert heat.

We still have thunderstorms and wild fires in the forecast! My car thermometer shows 90+F every day. Still. Do you hear me: still!

Every weekend, our neighborhood is reeking with the smell of grilled hamburgers and corn. Kids are riding pink and purple bikes through the sprinklers. People are going down the Provo river in tubes, and boats are cutting he waves on the lakes around. My freckles are out of control!

And the farmers’ market is still open, in almost every town around us! Still!

See: my grapes are not even ripe yet!

I refuse to believe that summer is over. As long as I eat tomato salad and sandwiches every day, and I bite into crunchy, fresh peppers from the back yard, there is no fall in the air anywhere, people!!!  There is only summertime. Infinite and endless summertime … And the livin’ is easy … Still … 

Summer signs: fresh produce, and everything is still green and keeps coming! 

The blueberries are back this year, and they are extra sweet this season.

I wish you can smell this, or ... taste it: stuffed fresh peppers with fresh tomato sauce.

I am planning our first summer bbq in a week, and a camping trip to follow. See?! Still summer!

And the crickets soothe me to sleep every night. There is no way there is any fall anywhere! Not even in the mountains where the leaves are hinting of red. Ssshhh!! There is no red! Maybe just sunset mirroring in the trees. But nothing besides!

It’s summer. For a little lot longer. And the “f” word is forbidden at my house! So, beware!

 Above the clouds - blue skies and crisp, clean air for miles and miles and miles ...

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