Monday, June 05, 2006

A Sh^tty Day … Sorta …

It started with a migraine… So strong, so ravishing and disabling … my head weighed 100 lbs out of my entire body weight of 98 lbs and I could not muster the strength to lift it off my pillow… I could not open my eyes, nor move my head…Light was evil! Noise was worse! With all the strength I gathered up, I called in sick! And fell asleep instantly! It was 5.30 AM…
At 7.30 my boss decides to call me from his home, to tell me someone from the office needs computer help; he is on call, you see, and he calls “the specialists” when he doesn’t know how to attend to an emergency… I called the person in need, walked her through several steps, and she was fine and grateful, 5 minutes later… By that time, I was wide awake and decided I will go in after all, albeit late … The migraine had eased up on me, too … It was now reduced to a headache – lingering still .
The day turned out to be easy at the office: not many emergencies, plenty of time for my headache to cool off … It was still there, in the back of my brain and eyes, but not as strong as it started at 5.30 AM!
I even found time for lunch: I got into my car, with no definite direction; I was telling myself: “OK, Alina, think! What are your taste buds screaming for right now?!” … After a couple of blocks, I knew they were craving Indian food… I turned abruptly to the left, and headed to my favorite Indian place in town… The buffet was only $6, and the richness of taste was just what the doctor ordered for my crappy mood and my headache! And indeed, the diverse flavors, the colors, the music, and the prompt service hit a spot! I left the Indian place refreshed as if after 10 catnaps!
I was refreshed and happy once again! My headache was a thing of the past and my newly found flavors made me smile … I am very much a “taste” person! Not texture, at all…And when I eat something as rich and complex as Indian (or any kind of Oriental, really) food, my entire being is opened up fully to the possibilities and fullness that all senses of the world have to offer! It’s like soaking in the most perfect and most comfortable bubble bath, for some!
So, I returned to work, thinking: “Wow, I could be home now, sleeping, not enjoying any of this if I had decided to call in sick, after all…”
And things were to get better … In the afternoon, my friend (who insisted he is NOT a sushi lover at all, far from it, actually!!!) e-mailed me, and all of a sudden decided to humor me and try sushi, but he made me promise we will go to a place that has “normal food” (i.e.: fried or steamed rice with “dead” meat, like chicken and beef!), and we did go to my favorite sushi place, that has “normal” Japanese food as well as the best sushi in town! Another taste extravaganza! Another explosion of pleasure, and lavishness of tastes! - almost paradisiacal!
After the sweet ever so slight buzz of 2 beers and a chat-full evening with my friend, full of laughter and happy times, the times that will build up lasting memories, I was headed home …Tired and happy … Smiling and fulfilled … My day turned out not that bad, after all … :-)
I guess the morale is: give yourself another chance: amazing things might happen, when you turn spontaneously on the road to lunch or when a crazy friend decides to please your tastes… Just let yourself be open to ideas, and impromptu invitations … You never quite know … what the next turn might bring, or the next phone call… or e-mail… Be open!

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