Saturday, September 16, 2006

Pet peeves – continued

Parking in the fire lane pisses me off, anyhow! No matter how you put it, and what reason you’d invoke, it pisses me off to see people parked there when it spells clearly “NO PARKING”. It pisses me off just about as much as people getting INTO the grocery store through the Exit door, when others are trying to get out with cartloards of stuff! Just as much! But what makes me even more mad is morbidly obese people that park in the fire lane! You watch these people and they get out of their cars in chapters: one leg first, then one half of their butt second, hold on, they forgot about the head, they need to duck, slowly, then the other half of their butt, then slowly, so that they won’t tip over, the second leg – beyond slow motion! Well, when you do that, there is no reason, trust me, to be as un-thoughtful to hold up the entire traffic! When you get out of your car (or in), in chapters, you need to understand that something needs to be done about it: something like parking all the way at the end of the parking lot, and walking yourself to the store from there! After all, that might be your one and only chance to lose an ounce! Walk, people! You need it!
Ever since I moved to the States I hear people saying “Oh, I don’t like fish with heads” or “Oh, I don’t eat chicken with bones”… Hhmmm… Since when God made chicken with no bones, and fish with no heads, I wonder?! “Oh, I don’t like fish to stare at me when I eat it”… ?!? … How can something that is dead stare at you?! Not quite sure how that works! Since when did people become so picky, and unreasonable, I wonder! I guess that’s what higher living standards do to you?! And when you do find chicken walking around without bones in their bodies, and fish swimming with no heads, please call me…
Call me selfish, but...: I understand that we live in the world of mobility, and most of us gave up the land phone lines as they slowly become obsolete! We’re now relying solely on the cells, but not all of us. Some of us need land lines, and land lines come with long distance charges! So, I don’t understand why people move across country and they still keep their cell phones with a Michigan, Ohio, California, etc number?! You’ve been here for 2 years, you bought a house and married, you’re obviously settled, right?! Change it to a local number, please! – just so your “new” friends won’t have to pay long distance charges to talk to you across the highway, in the same zip code! I think it’s the least you can do for the people that befriended you, here, in your new world (and give you both a “home” number and a “cell” one)!

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Kehaar said...

Theory: the more of an animal a people consume the more impoverished they are! People that eat fish with heads and who crack the chicken bones to suck the marrow live in third-world countries!

So we don't eat fish-heads in America. Except maybe in Louisiana.