Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Addiction or Annoying Bad Habit?!

Do you suffer from the “pick-up-the-free-magazine-or-newspaper-on-the-way-out-of-the-grocery-store-and-never-read-it” disease?! Because I do! And it’s horrible! Every once in a while , maybe once a week (too often, anyways), I pick up whatever it’s new in the newspaper stand at the grocery store, WalMart, sometimes at a restaurant too… Triad Homes, Triad Living, Real Estate Book, whatever… It’s free… And I always think: what a perfect way to go home, eat a cozy dinner of mac’n’cheese and dream over all these houses I can’t buy and all these cars I can’t have or don’t even want, really… What better way?! Just “dream” the American way, since I can’t “have” it, every minute … And you never know: maybe you WILL find the dream house; you do have some extra cash, and the neighbor woke you up last night again in the middle of a party he’s having for the fourth day in a row, and the car kind of makes a funny noise, so maybe you WILL find a new car too; and there are always new neighborhoods going up in town – who knows; we always have to stay informed, keep up with the market! Right?!
Right: and the publications end up piled up on my dining room table, or in my car, for a while, until they move to the newspaper rack, only to be dumped when they’re sooo many I can’t fit them in there anymore, and I decide they’re outdated, anyhow, so … let’s trash them! Is that sinful waste or what?! What would have happened if they didn’t end up unread in my trash can, I wonder?! Would another person who is really looking for a house/ car have picked them up and found their dream house/car in there?! Will they have gone to the Magazine Heaven, when the store replaced them instead of my dumpster?! What?!
It drives me nuts, every morning, when my trash weighs 100 lbs because it’s loaded with unread Triad Homes (I have been living in this place for 5 years now, and I have brought these pubs at home roughly every month!). I think of the waste, and I think of my back being thrown out of alignment, but yet next time when I am picking up beer at the store you know what I’ll pick up on my way out! Sinful! Pure addiction! Or just a bad, bad habit, and we all know how easy and fast THEY die! *sigh*

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