Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Feel Good Weekend

I didn’t particularly help any major causes this weekend, didn’t write checks for charity, or sick kids, or saved the world in any big fashion, but somehow, I have this “feel good” feeling about me. Of accomplishment, or something similar.

It’s been a busy weekend, for sure, with a little bit of everything here and there. I guess just the fact that I accomplished most of what I planned to do can yield a “good feeling” vibe to the end of this Sunday.

The weekend started with a dinner with friends, at Grey’s Tavern in downtown Greensboro. I love the place first and foremost because everything is so affordable there. Also, everything they make has just enough of a twist to make it interesting, and unique, and yet, it’s the same ol’ good American fare, of burgers, dogs, sliders, and other sammiches. I was really boring on Friday, because all I ordered was a Tavern Dog. But trust me: this is no regular dog. I am not sure what brand it is, or what composition, but it is just the most “right” balance of flavor and sweetness and texture I have ever found in a hotdog. Their kraut is yummy too: not too wet, and not too salty, as some places have it.

On Saturday, I had an early morning, as I went to walk for the Heart Walk, at Country Park. It’s a walk I enjoy doing, and an organization I support, just because it’s close to my … heart. Pun not intended.

On Saturday afternoon, I volunteered to work again with The Greensboro Jaycees, at the NC Wine Festival, at the Tanglewood Park, in Clemmons. I had planned to get there at least 45 minutes before my shift started, so I can walk around, taste some of the great NC wine and possibly leave the place with a new found treasure of a bottle of wine. But the popularity of this festival, as well as the incredible weather had other plans for me: I got there 15 minutes later than my shift, because the traffic to get into Tanglewood was horrendous, so I was in the trenches right off the bat!

Although it was work-work-work for my stint there, I still enjoyed to festival, people watching, and contributing to this great event, which seems to grow in popularity from one year to the next. The free entrance was much welcome, too. And just contributing a bit to an industry I so love, and support, every chance I get was great.

Sunday was preparing for The Book Club. This month, I got to pick the book (“The Last Lecture” by Randy Pausch) and I also hosted. Since the temperatures are getting up there, I was craving a summery meal, so I made chicken and shrimp kebabs, with fresh pineapple, grape tomatoes, peppers and onions, accompanied by my first ever (and French inspired) couscous salad, which didn’t turn out too shabby, if I so say myself, and some other finger foods, and fruits, as well. To drink, we had mimosas and wine. I always enjoy the club, for the company, and the chats, which revolve around books, movies, work, life, you name it.

Now, it’s time for some brainless TV time, and catching up on the news, I guess… The weekend was busy, as I was saying. But good busy, and as always, I am so glad and grateful for all the friends I shared this weekend with.

One good laugh I got out of this weekend was at the Pickup Tent at Tanglewood: people label their purchases with their names and phone numbers, and they send them to this tent, to pick them up on their way out, so they won’t haul 10 bottles at a time through the wine festival. One of the names on several bottles was written in bright bluish – purple Sharpie ink, very carefully, and very clear (despite other hand writings, which I had some challenge to decipher), in all its hyphenated splendor! The last name was “Wooden - Cock”. I had enough questions for that person to fill up a novel! But I will leave you with your own, which I am sure will be plenty. The person never did pick up their wine while I was there, but I surely would have been intrigued to meet them. Some people just can't give up some things, can they? Like at least one name, for instance. Hhmm...

I am so sad Jay Leno’s off the air! He would have had a ball with this, I am sure!

Happy summer, all! And stay cool!

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