Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Patience and Wonder

Note: sorry, people with kids, this is still new to me …

A lot of you who know me well know that I have the amount of patience you can fit in a thimble!! Well, lately, I have watched my nephew discover the world around him, as he grows faster by the minute, but with so much patience, it could put a snail or tortoise to shame! He watches before he does; he counts his steps before he springs up on his feet; he carefully waits before he plans the mischievousness …So, I am learning, also ...

I have, of course, known his antics from my sister’s stories, but I am so thrilled to report that he is coming down to visit at the end of next month – so I am pretty close to seeing it all, first hand! I am just basking in the warmth I feel in the simple thought of having him around. Just so much coziness, and love, and grace, and fragility. So much responsibility, too.

There is something humbling about having kids, or being around them, I think: you feel like they (the kids) or God entrusted you with this huge task of caring for this life … And you can do with it as you please … But then, when you see it respond to your “tweaking”, it gives you chills: that you have such power, and you have such talent, to shape a new life as such … You become mindful and respectful of that power.

And then, they are their own personalities, that now, at 15 months are definitely starting to show, that you’re discovering with them – and you don’t want to interfere with the “budding” process … You just let them be … and flourish … and wonder …It’s like watching those fast shots of a flower budding: so marvelous, and so breathtaking …

A year or so ago, the little man was still trying to catch up with all his “born to term” playmates, in just the weight department … as a preemie … Now, he’s so much more than “weight”: he is walking around the house, and unlocking doors. Dancing on every music he can hear, and prying open every drawer there is to open! Re-arranging things, even, and telling his parents when it’s OK to watch TV and when it’s not. Such a ruler, and such a whole person. Already, at 15 months.

Patrick dancing:


He is a bundle full of not only nerves and sinews, but temper, and personality too … He has emotions, and things he wants to communicate, and understand from us, adult folks … He has habits, even, like brushing his teeth; and crawls into the dishwasher, for curiosity.

I cannot wait to have him under my roof, playing with toys, cats, dishes, my photo albums on the coffee table, and what not … And discovering, with patience, a new world, other than his home.

He is my peek into the living into the moment, just as much as he is my peek into the future, and I cannot help but wonder with him: where to from here, baby?!

Nana* loves you, Patrick, and your room is ready, now. And always.

* Romanian for “godmother”.

Let's get outta here, mommy:



Dawn in NC said...

I just LOVE the age Patrick is at right now. I think that 12- to 18-months is THE BEST. Everything is new and interesting and "how things work" (like the key in the lock) is enlessly fascinating!

A.W. said...

Thank you, ma'am! And I agree: EVERYTHING is fascinating for him! He's like a little sponge! So cute - if I say so myself ...;-)