Saturday, November 23, 2013

Time’s Getting Slower, Fall Is Tucked Away

Boy, I have missed the boat on this one!

You might think that it’s time for me to talk about winter already, one week before Thanksgiving, and I am just now catching up on the fall we’ve had this year.

The delay is only due to the fact that we’ve had a busy year, all around … We don’t still have balmy temps and yellow leaves on our trees. But we did have a longer fall that usual. Not terribly dry, but surprisingly colorful nonetheless  – as you can see. 

Aspen, pines, rock and snow on Mount Timpanogos - late September 

I wanted to take a few minutes to record it, because, as I stumbled upon these pictures they just made me sigh with joy and reminded me why I still love (most days) living in The Rockies – the grace of the aspen trees, the freshness of the pines against their golden leaves, the beauty and clarity and neverendedness of the sky. 

This is the mountain behind our house - in mid October 

It has really been a nice, long, Indian summer this year, if my eating still my own garden’s fresh tomatoes today is any indication of it! Only last week, tons of people were wearing shorts, tanks and flip flops while out shopping! Sure, the mountains have had some snow yet, too, but not “serious” snow yet! The valleys have not seen that either, yet – luckily!

At the first touch of fall this year, I was a bit cranky, I admit! I was not ready for it, because we had such a crazy summer, I never felt like I lived that. I was definitely not ready for fall which always spells “winter”, subliminally!

You know what I have never gotten about fall?! I have never gotten people complaining about leaves on the ground! Especially neighbor’s leaves. I love the swishy sound they make in the wind and the natural carpet they make in my yard. And I love them for being compost for the next spring, if nothing else! Buying a leaf blower and bagging them seems like a bit of over-engineering to me … Never understood it. 

You see the neighbor's huge aspen tree?! And its leaves all over my yard?! 

We’ve put the patio furniture away and cleaned out the veggie garden. We mowed one last time two weeks ago and picked the last onions and half ripe tomatoes. We’re ready to go in and have a glass of eggnog, yet, as we’ve had more snow, and temps in the 30’s lately. But dreaming of a fall we only had time to half enjoy is a nice memory to have by the fire on a lazy Saturday. 

Our back yard mums and foreign leaves in early November 


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