Thursday, January 26, 2006

Dating… again… on MySpace and otherwise…

Hhhmmm… not sure what I’m going to say about the new chapter in my life, the one of trying to date and connect again! I do hate to admit that I feel very much rusty after 4 years of dating the same person! Although I don’t feel OLD, or even TOO OLD to date, I must admit that being thrown or just throwing myself into the dating scene one more time is more than just challenging! Wow! It’s like facing a new world, new solar system, maybe?!!
So, I have opened this new account on (or as my friend Sean calls it “” – that is not a “real” site, it pulls up an adult site search engine, I checked!) and now I am being hit by all the freaks of the Universe with their weird comments, and undersexed longings, or even worse: unfulfilled teenage fantasies! So, on I met 3 people so far, I mean, “face to face”, because if you’re really into it, you “meet” people every day, if not every other hour!. Including women, offering … heterosexual affairs to … ME!
At any rate, looking at the pictures late at night, over a light beer and after a day’s work, and reading the profiles and trying to picture myself with any of these singles is… interesting to say the least! Frightening most often, and absolutely full of despair at times! I went as far as to even yahoo my ex boyfriend and demand him back! There is nothing but a zoo out there! People with weird tattoos, of shooting women, weird headlines, of “ I almost felt guilty once, but she woke up in the middle of it”, 30 year old people with Leprechaun suits showing up and competing for American Idol, and then bragging about it on, people posting someone else’s pictures so they too can look “cool”, and “sexy”, I guess, then insisting eve after meeting them face to face, that that too was their picture!… Just desperate people, lonely people, crying for help, and crying for connection! So far, to be honest, I have been WOWed by all this! But to find my next mate here is like trying to go to the zoo, or the mental hospital and trying to find the next sex partner amongst the exhibits or the patients! It’s a reality verging on illusion or insanity, rather! And these are supposedly “real” people, over 18 years of age that are truly trying to find someone to connect… This is just the opening chapter in my search for a partner and for a connection…So read on!

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