Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

And thus I find myself in the year of 2006, almost turning 31, and alone. Strong though. I have some strength from places I am not sure they exist. I move forward. I find the strength within me every morning, to get up, and move along, and not cry and just take life as it is. Mom and dad say I have had no luck and yet I feel blessed. I feel blessed because I am alive and I’ve known some wonderful people, and places, and since I am alive and with God’s will I am well, I can make plans to see even more wonderful places and to live longer and wiser and happier, hopefully…
I am 31 and alone, and in the most desirable and envied country in the world, and on my way of becoming her citizen, and I am healthy, all things considered, and I have my family and my cats and life is good. I have hopes and dreams and the sky is once more the limit. I am choosy about people once more, and I feel like in college when there was little I wanted or needed, and yet so much. It’s good when you have a lot to be grateful for, and yet so many plans and potential for more yet. It’s going to be a good year. I promise! It has to be! We’ll keep “in touch” and see what happens, but I will plan on just having fun and enjoying the NOW.
The motto of the day is : friends you lose are not friends you needed to keep anyways. So, be happy you lost them and move right on.

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