Wednesday, May 03, 2006

MySpace Quiz - with an Attitude!

This is a repost of an older blog. I have been told, over all this time, that I am bitter... Well, I will forever refer to this blog, since this was pretty much my initial reaction to this whole MySpace zoo, as an explanation as to "why" I am bitter (should that be necessary)... And I still hold (partially) this feeling... Sure, I have met some wonderful people here, people that I really relate to, and people that can see the beauty in a drop of dew, or a cat asleep, or a sunset, people with common sense, and well-meaning ... Just like I said before, and with the risk of being repetitive: there are always wonderful exceptions out there! Just reposting this, for the world, and for a personal reminder ...

This was actually created on February 18, 2006
The MySpace Quiz –with an Attitude!

When I said in the “about me” section (on that people can ask me “about me” and I will answer, if they need to know more than what’s in there, I didn’t have in mind exactly the questions that I have been getting in my e-mails… But no need to be picky now, I will answer the questions I’ve gotten so far, and hopefully shed some more light on what I want and who I am. And sorry (not really) for the attitude in my tone. Sometimes this site just…brings out the worst in me. And if you had the courage to ask on your own terms, I think one should have the courage to answer … on their own terms as well.
Here we go:

Exact quote: “Have u heard about Do you like? It is very cool site.The thing is, they show you a pic of a boy and ask if u like him. You answer Yes or No. Do u like me?”
Honey, I don’t need to see your picture to know I don’t like you! I’m simply NOT into “boys”. And now I have heard of “do you like?”, and I hope you got your answer too…

My girlfriend made me write to you. She likes to get crazy with girls sometimes and she loves your profile, so she wanted to know if you’re interested. Just to warn you, she loves to use the video camera. Here’s her link, would you write her back?!
Hhhmm… OK, you’re obviously not man enough to admit you’re a kinky bastard who likes to watch two chicks doing it, and your girlfriend, if she exists, probably has no idea you wrote to me. Pi$$ off!

I’m am open minded girl who likes to get it on with other girls sometimes. Are you interested?
Read the left hand side, you moron! It says “straight”, as in “heterosexual straight”. I didn’t say “bi”, nor “not sure”, I said “straight”. And if at any point I would have mentioned I was “gay”, I think I would have used “happy” instead!

Exact quote: “Hey my angel,its been a while i heared from you last.i hope u are ok?why have you decided not to mail me for sometime now.please get back with me immediately”
Well, you can’t spell – I have an English major: see the problem?

I want to talk to you more because I am into foreign chicks. I am in the military. Will you write me back?
No. You kill people for a living. Thanks. I think I’ll pass.

Wanna f^$k?
Hhmm… Yeah, F^$k YOU, but not in the same sense you’re thinking!

Hey, I think you’re sexy, so next time when you’re online, would you hit me up?
I would LOVE to! Upside your head, if I got a chance.

And my absolute favorite:
Hey, am I bangable?
No, you’re an idiot. That’s not even a real word!

Keep the questions coming, people! Thanks for your interest and for keeping the Circus alive!

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