Monday, May 08, 2006

Thank you!

Have you ever felt that ALL your ships will be sunken at the end of the battle?? Have you ever sat there and asked yourselves: "Gosh, why does it HAVE to pour every time it rains?"?! Have you ever felt so lost, and helpless you didn't know whether to scream, yell, kill yourself, or just shoot someone else?! Have you ever felt abandoned by ALL?! Fate... God...Your country... Fate... Any family, and friends you've EVER known .... Abandoned by Hope, even ... ?!? Have you?!? I am sure you have...

That's how my day was... Painfully slow and sad... I don't mind days like these, once in a while: they make me be grateful when I AM happy, and when I DO feel like I have stuff to be grateful for ... But when they come on a MONDAY, I just want to scream, or yell, or shoot... you know... !!!!!

But today it was different: I did feel like all that, and it was a Monday, but because some of the people I know took the time from their busy lives to "stop by" and say hey, and say a few nice words, I did see the silver lining! So, thank you! All of you who did stop by and made my day! On MySpace, and outside... You're a God-send and a blessing to have, so thank you! You made me live, and even smile on a day where I found impossible to ... breathe! Thank you!

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