Saturday, February 21, 2009

It Takes All Sorts ...

Some days I really regret getting rid of my camera phone. Those are also the days when I think I MUST buy a small camera and keep it in my purse at all times, so I can snap pictures of the world's curiosities.

Take this week, for instance: I pull into this parking lot, for a Chamber of Commerce event, and lo and behold, I park next to a fairly beaten-up van (they made me park there) with an a/c unit (the apartment sized one) hanging off of its back window! The van had those double doors in the back, and the a/c fit in the window of one of the doors, duck taped tightly and all.

I kept thinking: are these people living in it? I mean, I've been to bluegrass festivals and The Dead concerts and I saw plenty of folks traveling and living in them, but even in those vans, I never saw a life-sized a/c unit taped to the window! Or maybe, hippies don't worry about getting sticky and sweaty in summer nights?! Or maybe they don't have enough money to purchase and install one?! Or maybe I was not paying enough attention?!

My bigger puzzlement was that a lady in her mid-forties, maybe?!, dressed in a suit and a long coat, with silk white gloves and a white silk scarf to match, in stiletto shoes, salon-coiffured hair, and a business folder was the driver that dismounted the van!

As I mentioned, this was a Chamber event, Business After Hours, which involves registration and membership (so, you can't just come for the free food and drinks), where people mingle and network, in hope of promoting their businesses and finding out about what's going on in the business community.

Now, call me judgy, but ... I could not get my head around that entire scene: the van with the a/c hanging out like a sore thumb, the lady's apparently spiffy looks, and this event. I know times are tough, and people are losing homes, but ... I can't help but wonder: what kind of business was she promoting?! Hhmm...

I still wished I had a camera with me!

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