Thursday, February 05, 2009

Moody Times ...

You know ... I have been known to write about spring, and fall , and even many lazy pieces about scorching summers , too...

But I seldom write about winter anymore. That's not entirely my fault, I don't believe. That's because where I live, winters have not grown up yet, and have not decided what they want to do with their lives! I am not joking!

They have not made up their minds who or what they want to be yet! Like a late blooming adolescent, they are still trying to figure that out. Annoyingly slowly, if I may add, because for 11 years now, I have not seen a winter come of age!

You never know what kind of winter you're going to get in Greensboro. One day, you might get a scent of fall, or spring, where a wind breaker jacket is just enough, and maybe an umbrella handy, too; another day you can even go to Harris Teeter in your shorts, to get some milk and bread. Another day, we put New York to shame with our temperatures!

I feel like if winter would be a person, here, it would have to be a moody woman, going through her "phases", or an old, cranky man, one minute happy, and one minute thorny as all!

People tell me I complain too much when it's cold, and I should be used to low temperatures, given Romanian winters; but back home, we wear sheep's skin and rabbit hats in the winter! You can't find those in North Carolina, I can guarantee you! Well, not at Kohls, anyway! So, having temperatures in the teens with the cotton clothes you get here is just not ... comfortable.

It makes me mad when we get 60-65 degrees one day, right about this time. I never plan for it. I plan to do indoor things, and all of a sudden, it's a great opportunity to go for a walk in the park, or a hike! But no, plans are made, hike must wait, till ... tomorrow, when we get an ice storm!

So, I guess, there is a thing or two I can say about the surprising winters around these parts. And that's all good and fine and dandy, as long as that's what you expect from every day: a surprise!

I do miss eggnog right after they pull it off the shelves, and I do wish I could build a real fire, once in a while. I do love to cuddle up with the cats, who are sooo needy and snuggly on winter nights. I love the sound of my heater - it talks about "big weather" out there, as my mountain grandpa used to say. I sleep better in winters. And I eat better too, although I would gladly give up the love handles that magically appear now and then. As long as winter takes them away, when she packs up in the spring, I will be glad!

If there is one consistent feature about winters here, that would have to be (well, other than unpredictability!) ... brightness! The sky is always as clear as Carolina blue, spotless, and the eyes hurt from so much flodding of sun rays, whether it's warm, or cold that day! I do love that we seldom get gray days in the winter, like Canada and Romania do, for about 6 months at a time!

There is a charm for every season , I guess. And right now, I am all about warm sweet wine, and lots of chunky soups. Lots of scarfs and thick gloves, and unfortunately, lots of tissue boxes, too...
Till this weekend, that is ... when I will go shopping in a sweater and flip flops, I think, at least according to the forecast! Maybe ...

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